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Victoria’s Flexibility on Star King ep.277 requested by Anonymous

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I AM Movie 

  •  (SM artists saying 'madison square garden')
  • Changmin: Madison Square Garden
  • Boa: Madison Square Garden
  • Onew: Madison Square Garden
  • Jessica: Madison Square Garden
  • Yuri: Metison Scare Gadehnn

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A haiku about getting out of bed 

no no no no no 
no no no no no no no
no no no no no

what. this ain’t a haiku. it’s the lyrics of gee. .__.

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cngeneration asked: YOU ARE AMBER


what if a new girl group debuts and one of the member’s name is yoona  

choinho asked: Aigooooooooo why you unfollowed me? ;~; </3 my poor heart

omg what are you saying i’m still following you roy :(

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Anonymous asked: it's sad that you recommend so many great blogs but none of them recommend you

what .__.

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Anonymous asked: PAU YEPPO YEPPO YEPPO YEPPO!!!!1!!!ONE!!!1!!!!!!1


wrong ask box anon. wrong ask box. -_-